Internships with Juniata Presents

This semester Juniata Presents is fortunate to have Gaby Atayde '17 as our Digital Media Writer Intern. Gaby will be contributing interviews with our artists, reviews of Juniata Presents events and various other articles during the Spring semester. Look for her review of The Intergalactic Nemesis by the end of the week! We asked Gaby to introduce herself and here is what she had to say.

Hello my name is Gaby Atayde and I’m from Santa Ana, California and currently a senior with an Individualized Program of Emphasis, Entertainment Communication that incorporates both Communication and Journalism. I come from a very diverse metropolitan area where at every corner there’s someone of different race, culture and background and it was then when I realized I wanted to know more about who they were. Through time I have met so many people with completely different backgrounds that I never thought I’d meet. I have always enjoyed talking to people so different from me, whether it is different cultures, backgrounds or experiences. I realized that studying something that could help me master this field and get a degree would be amazing. Through this process I also grew very fond of Journalism and how through Journalism I could not only write stories, but report them as well. I would enjoy being a Freelance Journalist venturing out on my own and finding stories that are worth telling, seeing and hearing. Writing stories and sharing them to my fellow colleagues as well as friends and family is something that I’ve always done. My dream is to travel to all parts of the world and meet people to share their stories.