Juniata Presents Writer and Social Media Manager

photo: Patrick Irving '14

Just before the start of the fall 2014 semester, Juniata Presents unveiled a dynamic new website intent on communicating and integrating the arts at Juniata College. As a continuation of the unveiling, I would like to introduce myself to the Juniata and Huntingdon communities and express my excitement for the opportunity to be involved with Juniata Presents this year. My name is Jeannine Haizlip and I am a senior at Juniata, studying Multimedia Communications. I am originally from Alexandria, VA but have lived in Huntingdon, PA for the past 14 years. While raising my two children, I decided to take advantage of living right around the corner from Juniata and continue my education.

“Worlds Collide” is a dominant theme this year for Juniata Presents. This theme can be interpreted in many ways personally and in our extended communities. This year I am an intern for Juniata Presents, serving in the capacity of Writer and Social Media Manager. My worlds of parent, community member, student and now intern have collided and in turn made each of these areas of my life richer. I am looking forward to learning, serving and promoting Juniata Presents, in order to enhance the multi-faceted culture experiences it encourages. It is my hope through the website and social media we can enjoy an even richer arts experience at Juniata. I look forward to meeting everyone at the events and hearing your thoughts on the upcoming Juniata Presents season.

In addition to my academic pursuits, my hobbies and areas of interest include writing, photography, film, cooking and bargain hunting. Once classes resume, the only real pursuits I have time for seem to be balancing the right amount of caffeine intake and mastering the art of sleeping with my eyes open. Both are work in progress.  Please feel free to contact me at Jeannine@juniatapresents.com. Look for me on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you have the most up to date information on events as they happen.