Cyro Baptista's Banquet of the Spirits

Simply ingenious...undeniable...provacative, powerful and deeply enjoyable.
— All Music

One of the premiere percussionists on the planet, Cyro Baptista leads his winsome quartet on a virtuosic trek through myriad musics of the world. Banquet of the Spirits embodies the Brazilian philosophy of anthropofagia, or cultural cannibalism, a term coined by the Brazilian modernist poet Oswald de Andrade for a radical new approach to art-making.

Washed out surf rock splashes, blazing hardbop solos, breathtaking West African harping, exquisite Brazilian rhythms — the sounds all coalesce into a carnivalesque stew of joy and irreverence as these four astonishing players draw freely on sounds and instruments from around the globe to create utterly unique combinations.

A veteran of stage and studio work with the likes of Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock, John Zorn, Yo-Yo Ma, Laurie Anderson, Cassandra Wilson, Sting and many others, Baptista is one of the most sought-after players around. His visionary approach to music-making stresses inclusion, community and pushing past boundaries, while remaining refreshingly fun and totally accessible.